Aaron Marks, MD


I am a first-generation college graduate, and native New Mexican. I enjoy flyfishing, mountain biking and camping. I enjoy music production and studio engineering in my spare time and overclocking hardware for performance PC gaming. I am very excited to be pursuing diagnostic radiology with a particular interest in the technical aspects behind image acquisition and quality.

Áreas de especialidad


Radiología musculoesquelética

Escuela de Medicina: Universidad de Nuevo México

Publicaciones clave

Mishra A, Mishra K, Marks AJ, Mishra NC. Prenatal cigarette exposure and development of asthma in progeny. EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine. 2019 Sept. 8(9): 597-599.

Bird CW, Baculis BC, Mayfield JJ, Chavez GJ, Ontiveros T, Paine DJ, Marks AJ, Gonzalez AL, Ron D, Valenzuela CF. The BDNF Val68Met polymorphism modulates how developmental ethanol exposure impacts the hippocampus. Genes, cerebro y comportamiento.. 2018 Apr 24:e12484. doi: 10.1111/gbb.12484.

Marks AJ, Bird CW, Baculis BC, Chavez GJ, Mayfield JJ, Valenzuela CF. A BDNF polymorphism modifies the effects of developmental ethanol exposure. Abstracted in the Journal of Investigative Medicine Jan 2018; 66: 66-287. Oral Abstract at the Western Medical Research Conference, Carmel, CA, 2018.


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Initial research experience was with neurosciences investigating a BDNF polymorphism of interest known to interact with EtOH exposure in utero in mouse models. Also worked at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute investigating proapoptotic4 Bcl-2 family protein, Bik, and how it influences the viral replication cycle in terms of apoptosis utilizing mouse airway epithelial cells. These studies carried on into medical school. Later on, my research interests pivoted away from bench work to more of a clinical focus from cross-sectional analysis on patient knowledge of non-medical means of controlling hypertension to case reports on the imaging characteristics of aneurysmal bone cyst and body packing. The latter of which was nominated as case of the month for ACR Case in Point.

Cursos enseñados

  • Enseñé química orgánica I y II a nivel universitario como instructor suplementario.
  • Ayudé a enseñar a los estudiantes de primer año de medicina habilidades básicas de doctorado y maniobras de exámenes físicos.